Boards & Commissions

In addition to the City Council, several boards, committees and commissions have been established to focus on very specific issues within the city.  Those boards are filled with members of the public who are appointed by the Mayor, with advice and consent of the City Council.  




The Tuscola Tourism Committee is a committee formed by the City Council to oversee the activities and budget of the tourism department of the City of Tuscola. The board meets monthly at Tuscola City Hall on the third Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. The tourism department is funded by a local tax on hotel and motel operators. Those tax dollars are spent exclusively for the promotion of tourism and conventions within the city, and for comprehensive marketing plans and strategies for the city. Tourism Committee members are appointed annually by the Mayor of the City of Tuscola, with advice and consent of the Tuscola City Council.

The Tuscola Public Library provides resources for learning and leisure in order to empower individuals and enrich the community.

The Tuscola library was built in 1903 with a Carnegie grant, which was based on the census of the community at $2 per person, and funds donated by the Woman’s Club. The design of the Illinois Carnegie libraries was dominated by two architectural firms, Paul Morantz of Bloomington and Patton and Miller of Chicago, and were Classical Revival in style. Morantz was the architect for the Tuscola library. In 1997 the library added a handicapped accessible entrance along with larger restrooms and an elevator with service from ground level to the basement and main level of the library.
The Tuscola Library has services for all age groups and houses over 18,000 books, as well as video, audio, and magazine resources. It is also a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System, which provides timely access to countless additional books and resources. The library has several public access computer terminals with internet connections, and it sponsors numerous community activities and outreach programs.
The library is under the direction of Devin Black, Library Director with oversight by the Library Board of Directors.

Tuscola Public Library
112 E. Sale St.
Tuscola, IL 61953

The image to the left depicts an 1884 walks and tiles map of the City of Tuscola, drawn by Henry C Niles, City Engineer. This framed piece of Tuscola history hangs in the board room at City Hall.

The planning commission and zoning and sign board of appeals is a board of the Tuscola City Council. The board is formed for the purpose of making recommendations concerning building, zoning and code enforcement as well as hearing requests, from citizens, for variance to building and zoning codes.

The Tree Commission exists to recommend acceptable tree plantings for urban right of way use and to manage the Memorial Tree Program.

The Tuscola Liquor Commission is tasked with the administration of local liquor control laws and ordinances.

The Tuscola Cultural Arts Alliance (TCAA) will foster artistic expression, and will participate in the civic and economic growth of our community by support, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture.

Arcola and Tuscola jointly own a 14" water transmission line connecting the cities to their source water supply from Illinois American Water Company. The joint agency board is responsible for the oversight of the operation of the jointly owned water transmission line.

The Foreign Fire Insurance Board is made up of members of the Tuscola Fire Department. Their mission is to assist in budgeting for the use of the City fire department's allotment of the Illinois Foreign Fire Insurance Tax.

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The City of Tuscola has began our fall leaf collection schedule.  More information here:


2024 Golf Cart Permits Available NOW!

2024 City of Tuscola Golf Cart Permits are available NOW!  

Purchase your 2024 permit here:

Golf Cart Permit Application



>  Monday's regularly scheduled Tuscola City Council meeting has been rescheduled to today WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2024.  The previously posted meeting agenda will remain the same.

> Waste Management cancelled their operations for Monday, pushing their garbage collection schedule back one day for the rest of the week.  City of Tuscola residents garbage day will be THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2024



Now Hiring Lifeguards!

The Tuscola Pool is now hiring lifeguards, and aspiring lifeguards, for the 2024 summer season!  Please apply on-line at  

Lifeguards must be at least 15 years old, be able to complete City-provided training classes, and become certified in order to be hired.