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Brian Moody, Director

Tuscola Chamber & Economic Development, Inc.

214 N Main St

Tuscola, IL 61953

(217) 253-2552

(217) 369-0940


A community profile page containing a wide variety of community information is hosted by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. This page is a good “one stop” for many frequently asked questions regarding basic community resources and demographic information. The information is regularly updated by local staff and is a starting place for further research on Tuscola.  TCED Director, Brian Moody, is available to speak directly with developers to get answers to other questions or research information.


Tuscola Profile



Tuscola is a community rich in transportation assets due to its centralized location in the Midwestern United States and in East Central Illinois. Positioned at the intersection of Interstate 57, US Highway 36 and 45, the community has excellent road access. These three routes make Tuscola highly accessible to Interstates I-72, I-74 and I-80 to the north and to Interstates I-70, I-64 and I-24 to the south with additional routes north and south via I-55.


Tuscola also enjoys exceptional rail transportation assets for industry. The community is at the intersection of three Class I mainline railroads: CSX Transportation, Union Pacific and Canadian National (Illinois Central). These railroads provide access to all parts of the United States and cover significant territory in Mexico and Canada as well. Tuscola is a centralized point providing multiple avenues to meet rail transportation needs for industry.


Property Taxes

Property tax rates, by taxing body, for properties within the corporate boundaries of the City of Tuscola.


  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
City of Tuscola 0.778 0.76 0.818 0.806 0.827
Douglas County 1.136 1.139 1.165 1.151 1.129
Tuscola Township 0.403 0.246 0.265 0.264 0.265
Tuscola School District 4.878 4.801 4.885 4.904 4.895
Parkland College 0.519 0.525 0.526 0.545 0.543
Tuscola Library 0.23 0.225 0.242 0.238 0.244
Total per $100 of Equalized Assessed Valuation 7.943 7.694 7.9 7.908 7.903


Illinois Tax Highlights

  • Manufacturing machinery and replacement parts exempt
  • Certified pollution controls exempt
  • Personal property (including machinery, inventories and intangibles) exempt



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