Available Sites & Buildings

A variety of available sites and buildings are available in the Tuscola area. The Tuscola area’s centralized location in the Midwest and East Central Illinois combined with our extensive infrastructure have identified and certified potential for development. TCED provides one-on-one assistance with interested parties in locating suitable sites to locate their business. We also work with properties owners and business in marketing buildings, “greenfield” and “brownfield” sites, and in identifying sites for business expansion.


Tuscola Industrial Rail Park is promoted by TCED and is a certified CSX Select Site. The North Site comprises 345-acres and the South Site is 250-acres. Complete information regarding the sites and the Tuscola Industrial Rail Park can be found here.

TCED is currently updating its comprehensive ”Available Sites and Buildings” database in conjunction with ongoing data collection for providing additional information and updates on the Location One system. Many buildings and sites available in Tuscola are listed through the Location One Information System. Tuscola’s profile and listed sites can be found at this link: Tuscola, IL – Location One


Various local real estate agencies are ready to assist you in the analysis of various available sites and buildings. Websites for commercial real estate brokers with local listings are available at the link below:


Hillard Agency
Sperry Van Ness – Ramshaw Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire Realty


Please contact the Executive Director for direct assistance with identifying suitable properties for your specific requirements.

TCED is successful in building relationships with local property owners and interested developers. In recent years, the organization has demonstrated its ability to quickly secure sites on behalf of potential developers. We coordinate introductions and meetings with key parties and individuals to establish local and regional relationships while providing support information for follow-up discussions and negotiations. We have assisted with public affairs, event management, land and easement acquisition to support new projects and development.

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