Electric Aggregation

Electric Aggregation Information for Tuscola Residents


This is information that pertains to Tuscola Residential customers of Ameren.


In 2012, the residents of the city of Tuscola approved a referendum authorizing the city officials to bid and enter into agreements with electricity suppliers to provide electricity to all residential and small commercial residents. The City Council authorized Good Energy as the consultant to bid the electricity to suppliers.   The move initially saved the citizens approximately 30% off the standard Ameren rates.    In November 2017, the City Council authorized an ammendment to the agreement that reduces the rate to $0.056/kwh until June 2019.  The rate is then further reduced to $0.05496/kwh through December 2020.  


In 2020, the City Council authorized the consulting services of Stone River Group for bidding the residential electric supply.  The new rate beginning December 2020 will be $0.0435/kwh.


If residents want to accept this rate, while still receiving their billings from Ameren, they don’t need to do anything.


If a resident does NOT want to accept the negotiated rate, and instead wants to choose their own supplier and negotiate their own rates, the resident must mail in an “opt-out” card to Homefield Energy. This card was provided to each resident via the mailed packet of information. Any information a resident needs concerning the opt-out can be obtained by calling Homefield Energy at 1-866-694-1262 or emailing at CustCare@HomefieldEnergy.com.


This information will be updated as new information is available. 


More Information

Letter mailed to Tuscola residential customers with information:
Electric Aggregation- Letter sent to residents October 2020

The Committee for Municipal Choice

Homefield Energy information specific to Tuscola customers

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