Tuscola Cultural Arts Alliance

Tuscola Cultural Arts Alliance

A Brief History of the TCAA

Our group began meeting in April 2014.  Its founding members met over two dozen times in the next two years to plan and to organize the group.  TCAA was officially recognized as a formal committee by the City of Tuscola by an ordinance passed in March 2015.  In May 2015, TCAA hosted its first “friend-raiser.”  Currently two dozen families and individuals are officially listed as “Friends of TCAA.”  TCAA usually holds a meeting of its Board Members on the last Friday of the month at The Vault.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.


TCAA Goals

1. To enrich our community by “spotlighting” the arts, tourism, and business.

2. To stimulate vibrancy, quality of life, and a sense of place.

3. To create and maintain effective communications about the arts among community members, the city, and organizations.

4. To support education in the arts in our schools including the awarding of scholarships.



Here is a sampling of the number of projects that TCAA has completed, or is currently planning.

Planters:  TCAA is currently pursuing a plan that would involve “wrapping” each of the concrete planters at the opposite corners of Main and Sale with a metallic floral design complete with a baked-on enamel finish that would beautify the planters.

Street Sculptures:  On December 14, 2015, the City Council approved a TCAA plan to add two metallic sculptures, created by regional sculptor Geoff Chilton to the corners of Main and Sale and on Pembroke and Main.  These sculptures were on exhibit for one year, adding some interest to the streetscape while they were on display.

Making Art with Residents of Brookstone:  In 2016, members of TCAA invited the residents of Brookstone Estates to engage in an art project.  In the first case, members of TCAA helped Brookstone residents create a piece of visual art.  Later that year, TCAA Board members helped participating residents to make a piece of pottery that they could keep and use.

Chalk Art at the Saturday Morning Market:  In the summer of 2016, TCAA staged a “chalk art day” at the Saturday Morning Market in downtown Tuscola.  Children created their own chalk art on the downtown sidewalks.

Student Art Downtown:  Currently, TCAA has partnered with the school district, Tuscola CUSD #301, and is negotiating to place artwork created by students at each of Tuscola’s three schools on display at a downtown location.

TCAA Scholarship:  TCAA is focused on the future of art too!  Board members are actively discussing the exciting possibility of creating a scholarship to be awarded to a promising art student at TCHS.







Tuscola Cultural Arts Alliance Board includes:  Carol Martin, Suzanne Moody, Darla Gardner, John Best, Kathryn McCumber, Catherine Kellogg, Aledria Selen, and Diana Lenzi


To join the Tuscola Cultural Arts Alliance, please complete this fo rm.

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