Golf Cart Permit

        The Tuscola City Council approved an ordinance in 2009 allowing golf cart use on city streets.  Golf cart owners must obtain a license from the City of Tuscola, to operate their golf cart on City streets,  and display the City license decal on the vehicle at all times.  Golf carts must be equipped with specific safety equipment and must be operated only by authorized individuals, as described in the City of Tuscola Code of Ordinances.  

        Due to COVID-19 concerns the Tuscola Police Department is not currently inspecting golf carts.  Owners are required to complete their own inspection and sign the inspection form attesting that their golf cart is equipped as required.  In addition, all licensed drivers that will be operating the golf cart must sign the waiver form.

          Application must be returned to City Hall with all forms completed in their entirety accompanied by current proof of insurance and the $25.00 fee to be issued a permit.  Further information and license application are available at the following link.

Golf Cart Permit Application with ordinance

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