Prevent Frozen Pipes


Tuscola is heading into what is forecast to be a long stretch of  freezing.  During sustained cold winter weather, unprotected or insufficiently protected water service lines will freeze.  As water expands when it freezes, pipes may burst and cause damage to your home.  


Please be weather aware and take steps now to prevent frozen pipes as the temperature drops this week!

  • Insulate and/or apply heat tape to exposed pipes
  • Insulate or enclose crawl spaces, under mobile homes and other areas that contain water pipes
  • Keep garage doors closed if pipes are located in the garage
  • Open cabinet doors where pipes are located to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes
  • Run the water at a trickle if you are unable to sufficiently insulate pipes
  • Thaw frozen pipes with a hair dryer or electric heating pad, but never with a torch or open flame
  • Monitor pipes for leaks



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