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Tuscola Chamber and Economic Development, Inc. (TCED) exists for the civic purpose to promote and encourage expansion and retention of business and industry within the area of Tuscola, Illinois; provide guidance and advice to business, local government and community groups regarding economic and community development activities; provide coordination of local and state resources to existing business; provide prospects with building and site information and assist in securing resources necessary for economic development.


TCED is a partnership of private and public contributors. The City of Tuscola provides office space and staff support as TCED’s largest public contributor. As investors in this organization, these contributors endow a broad based local effort to enhance economic development activities in Tuscola and the surrounding region. The TCED board of directors employs an Executive Director to accomplish its objectives. They both receive various assistance and advice through contracting with area engineering, legal, title and real estate resources. The organization’s budget is supplemented by aggressive pursuit of local, state and federal grants and funding.


TCED promotes communication between a wide variety of local and regional community groups, civic organizations and the business community. The organization encourages unity in marketing and promotion for the community and active cooperation between all community partners. TCED frequently offers presentation for local civic organizations on new projects and activities to further increase communication to the surrounding community about the importance of economic development efforts.


TCED works with local entrepreneurs, developers, industry officials and interested parties providing opportunities to promote retention and business expansion, as well as pursue new development opportunities. Together we work towards overall enhancement of the community and the area’s business climate. TCED looks to create synergy from building relationships with existing industry and utilities, local officials and new prospects. TCED has partnered with these groups to focus on the attraction of industry which provides sustainable benefits to existing business and industry.


TCED provides resources for new businesses and prospects conducting research and due diligence on potential sites. Assisting in the identification of resources at the local, state and federal level in order to assist existing and prospective businesses is a significant role filled by TCED. The organization serves as an advocate for businesses and individuals with local government processes and requirements.




Board of Directors and Sectors




City of Tuscola
Tuscola School District #301


Current board members for 2023-2024


Dale Boyer, Financial – President                                

Kris Clodfelder, Professional

Cory Kleiss, Individuals / Organizations - Vice President    

Chad Hausman, Retail / Service

Drew Hoel, City of Tuscola - Secretary                          

Brendan Leisner, Agribusiness

Jake Oltean, At-Large                                               

Tammy Bennett, Manufacturing / Utilities                                                                          

Gary Alexander, School District #301                           

Brian Moody, Executive Director      




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