Tuscola Serves

                                                                                                                                        Tuscolians are proud of our citizens who serve our country as members of the US Armed Forces!  As a token of our gratitude for their   we want to honor active duty service members with a sign on our Tuscola Serves Military Honor sign post.  The sign post will stand in Ervin Park and pay tribute to those who are actively serving in a branch of the US Military.  Upon fulfillment of the service member’s commitment to active duty, the sign will be presented to the service member as a memento of the community’s gratitude.


The cost of the program will be covered by local organizations, including:  The Tuscola VFW, Tuscola Community Foundation, and Tuscola Tourism.  The City of Tuscola has granted access to Ervin Park for the location of the sign post.


Family members may apply for a sign for active duty Tuscola residents by completing the application linked here.  An independent citizen board will determine eligibility.


Tuscola Serves Application

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