Buckeye Partners presents $40,000 donation

Buckeye Partners presents $40,000 donation

Posted at: 9:25am

Representatives from Buckeye Partners, LP, operators of Buckeye’s Tuscola Propane Terminal were in Tuscola on April 27 to present a donation of $40,000 to the Tuscola Fire Department. The funds will be used to upgrade the size of the fire pump on the next fire engine purchased by the department.


Mayor Dan Kleiss, City Administrator Drew Hoel, and Fire Chief Brian Moody were presented with the donation by Greg Jakubowski, Brandon Price and Brady Deutsch of Buckeye Partners. Jakubowski is the Senior Engineer for Fire Protection for Buckeye Partners and has been working with our fire department on pre-planning for the facility and assessing response capabilities. Price and Deutsch operate the Tuscola Propane Terminal. Buckeye’s team has worked with our members for years to evaluate, train, and prepare for a variety of potential scenarios involving propane.


The fire department and the City of Tuscola are extremely grateful for Buckeye Partners donation and for their continuing working relationship and consistent partnership with our community. This donation will expand the capabilities of our next fire engine and our department. Further supporting our mission to safeguard our community members and businesses.



Photo from left to right:
Brandon Price, Greg Jakubowski, Brian Moody, Dan Kleiss, Drew Hoel, and Brady Deutsch.

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