Tuscola's water tower, newly painted in 2013

Tuscola’s water tower, newly painted in 2013

214 N. Main Street
e-mail: info@tuscola.org

The City of Tuscola owns and operates its own water distribution system, which consists of water mains, fire hydrants, and the elevated storage tank. The treated water is purchased from Illinois-American Water Company in Champaign, Illinois, and piped to Tuscola through a 14″ water pipeline. The City’s current allocation of water is 900,000 gallons per day.

City Hall handles all billing issues for water service, and is also the contact point for questions or emergencies.

Water usage is metered at each property in gallon increments. The City has just completed a three year project of converting approximately 2,400 meters to automatic read meters. These meters allow us to more accurately bill customers and also assist in detecting leaks early which, in turn, saves our customer’s money. Bills are sent monthly in accordance with billing procedures, which you may download below. You may also download, and file with the city, a Direct Pay Authorization, which allows automatic payment of your utility bill from your bank account. Using our Direct Pay method is a convenient way to pay your utility bill and remove the worry of late fees!

Water Billing Procedures

Direct Pay Authorization Form

For information about the quality of our water, download the
Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report-2016

Forms and Applications for Contractors and Home Owners

After completing the application, please submit it to the City of Tuscola Water Department by fax (217-253-5026), e-mail (info@tuscola.org) or mail (214 N Main St, Tuscola, IL 61953).

Water Service Application
Water and Sewer Tap Application
Swimming Pool Safe Filling Methods Affidavit
Contractor Information (including water and sewer tap fees)
Construction Site Guidelines

Until all fees and a complete application are received, the application can not be processed. Fees may be paid online by going to the “Pay Bills Online” link on the left-hand pane of this web page. Applications have permit fee schedules.