Tuscola's Police and Fire Departments on Parke Street

Tuscola’s Police and Fire Departments on Parke Street

Craig Hastings, Chief
204 North Parke Street
Tuscola, IL 61953
E-mail: tpd@tuscola.org
Phone: 217-253-2351
Fax: 217-253-4906

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The Tuscola Police Department, established in 1877, currently employs eight full-time officers and one part-time officer having a combined total of over 184 years of police experience. Under the supervision and leadership of the Chief Craig Hastings and Lieutenant Richard Lamb; Tuscola Police Department provides around the clock police protection for the City of Tuscola, a 2.75 square mile area with a population of 4,480, according to the 2010 census. TPD boasts capabilities, experience, and qualifications normally only found in much larger departments.

Tuscola Police Department utilizes both marked and unmarked squad cars, as well as patrol bicycles for specialty assignments. TPD is staffed with a certified Master Firearm Instructor, TASER Instructor, Physical Tactics Instructor, Juvenile Law Officer, and a DARE officer. Officers are equipped and trained in the use of in-car video cameras, mobile data terminals, patrol rifles, and less lethal TASERS and pepper-ball munitions.

TPD is also an annual participant with the Illinois State Police Roadside Safety Check-Point program. Tuscola PD continues to focus on its primary mission: providing professional service and protection to the citizens of and visitors to Tuscola. From bicycle patrols of the City parks to theft prevention classes for local businesses, Tuscola is proud of the excellent service and reputation of its police department.

Shop With A Cop

The Tuscola Police department operates a “Shop with a Cop” program that allows us to ensure that underprivileged children in our community have Christmas gifts. Under the program, the department conducts fundraising activities and solicits monetary donations from local businesses and individuals prior to the Christmas season. A week or so before Christmas, the officers take the children shopping, allowing the children pick out their own Christmas gift. If donations allow, they can also pick out some new school clothes or other needed items. If you would like to donate to our Shop with a Cop program, you may mail your contribution to Tuscola City Hall, drop it off at City Hall or drop it in our water payment drop box. Families in need, who wish to be considered for the program should complete this Shop with a Cop application.